Crowd funding has proven to be a most viable and successful way to provide targeted growth for specialized projects.

By using a crowdfunding model, and funding our suppliers upfront through subscriptions, we are able to bring you better quality products’, and our subscribers a bigger slice of the pie. When subscribers deposit $50.00 a month, they can spend it after a 90 day period, giving us the ability to fund producers so that they can succeed in their dreams of owning their own business. We require subscribers to commit to Origin Kiwi for at least 6 months because, in the long run, you will win out with better selections, better savings and the knowledge that you are supporting locally owned businesses.

Our target is to grow the business to 10,000 subscribers. Using mobile applications, videos and social media, you can be part of the project, and have opportunities to see new suppliers coming on screen all the time. What greater way to invest in a New Zealand owned and run business supporting locally grown Kiwi Origin.

Where you are part of the solution.

What you’ll get as a Subscriber…

Save up to 50% off every time you buy, as all our products are tailormade with YOU the subscriber in mind.

free bottle every month when you order a case of wine or selected product line. This can be wines, beverages, oils or specialized juices.
Access to Angel exclusive products, launches, and tastings

Plus, there are NO tie-ins or membership fees. You can leave the list at any time after the initial 3 months period – and get any unspent money back.

Subscriber Form:

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