Here’s how you access premium New Zealand grown products from boutique businesses for less money and still give them a great deal at the end of the day.

We offer Origin Kiwi subscribers who are families, couples, anyone who uses New Zealand made products, the opportunity to invest $50 a month into their Origin Kiwi bank account, which we then use to invest in talented companies and small independent winemakers around New Zealand. In return, they give us foods, products, and wines exclusively at insider prices (25%-50% off retail). (Effectively wholesale).

We then pass this back to our subscribers so everyone wins!

As Origin Kiwi subscriber you can receive $50.00 of products per month, stock up, or get free samples, as part of our club, the choice is yours. This would normally cost you three times the price at retail.

The beauty of this is that all the products are Origin Kiwi. They come from a talented group of small businesses around the country, which have lovingly made and stripped off all the costs that add nothing to the quality of the final product. It’s pure origin.

The “Buy New Zealand Made” approach has long been lost in this global village, but our aim is to bring it back. We believe that happy New Zealand suppliers encourage happy local and International customers. Let’s make it our mission to create an environment and culture that inspires and empowers local development.

Our suppliers get to sell their products and make a secure living. We make similar margins to other sales companies, however, the process we undertake is different. We effectively bankroll our supply chain, and create opportunities through effective marketing techniques, and tried and tested methodology.